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The Stahlbaums are finishing their Christmas ball preparations – the Christmas tree is decorated and everyone is waiting for the guests to arrive and bring presents. Fritz and Clara are getting ready to meet the guests and their father Benjamin is happy to see his brother Drosselmeyer who always brings special presents for his niece and nephew. This year Drosselmeyer gave Clara a nutcracker. Fritz is feeling bad about everything that is going on – nothing seems the same as it was when their mum was alive a year ago. He breaks the nutcracker which is then repaired by Drosselmeyer. Clara leaves the nutcracker under the Christmas tree but woken by some strange noises in the night she runs to find her new toy under the tree. But this night the wooden nutcracker turns into a real person.

This particular Christmas night the mice living in the house and led by the Mouse King are plotting to ruin Christmas for everyone and forever. The king sends his agents to the three Christmas lands – the Land of Snow, The Land of Sweets and the Land of Amusements. The mouse agents wreak havoc in the kingdoms by stealing snowflakes, ruining all the candies and the music player.


Nutcracker suspects that the Mouse King is trying to interfere with Christmas. He takes Clara to the three magic lands where they help resolve all the problems the mice had caused. They find the stolen snowflakes, help clean up the candy making machines and fix the music player. Grateful for their help the three fairies of the magic lands promise to help Nutcracker and Clara fight the Mouse King.

Nutcracker tells Clara his sad story. He used to be a little boy who had everything. But that little boy did not love or respect anyone. One morning he woke up as a wooden toy. Since then he only turned human one night a year – the Christmas Eve.

With the help of the three fairies and their armies Nutcracker and Clara defeat the Mouse King and his army. The mice leave the Stahlbaums’ house and never come back again. Now everyone will have snow, presents and fun at Christmas! And Nutcracker will not turn into a wooden toy ever again. He remains human and makes a lot of friends.


Travel to three magic kingdoms to save Christmas with Nutcracker and Clara.

«Nutcracker» ballet and performance to the famous Chaikovskiy music at the Moscow International House of Music.




Thank you very much for inviting us to your play! We were really excited to see the show – can’t imagine how much effort went into staging this impressive and high-quality show! The young actors were amazing! That was all MCS style – up there with the stars!
Yulia Ch.
That was wonderful! Great job! Amazing!
Artem K.
I would like to send you my special thanks for the Nutcracker show. To all the organisers. The venue is impressive! The children-actors are wonderful! So many guests, and the atmosphere is unforgettable! I can’t remember such a spectacular and warm-hearted holiday in my life!
Maria K.
We loved everything! The children-actors were so good!! The singer is so talented! The ballet dancers were amazing and, surely, the main characters! The jokes were funny and original, like the ‘who took the cookies…’ Even if sometimes it was a but hard to hear the narrator would always clearly explain where the characters were travelling. Colossal work, great costumes EVERYONE! The snowflakes were so delicate, the mice so naughty – especially twirling their rope tails! Thank you very much for the wonderful evening and the emotions! My son decided to become an actor after this show))
Anna Tz.
Nutcracker made a great impression! The atmosphere was unique and surely the acting. Some of these children must definitely pursue an acting career!
Maria R.
A very beautiful performance!!! Amazing costumes and the characters are all extremely charismatic – it was a joy to watch!
Maria T.
Thank you very much for the unforgettable emotions! Such talented children! All-mighty adults! Bravo!!!
Galiya V.
Thank you very much for the tickets! We are at the performance. We like it a lot! So well-organised!
Larisa Ch.