Agree, it is not so easy to interest teenagers in some interesting creative activity. Therefore, every time you need to be especially creative in order to realize the creative abilities of children.
According to the art directors and founders of the school of decorators Katya and Sasha @kasa___art___ creative vision can be developed in the same way as physical fitness.
They held a creative master class for our students and shared their secrets of where to look for inspiration for such projects:
⚡️Fill with impressions. Go on a trip, watch a new movie, stroll around your favourite places, go to a bookstore. Cling to everything interesting, fantasize and form new images
⚡️Communicate with people. Attend exhibitions, festivals, art parties. There you will meet many people filled with new ideas for you
⚡️Exercise. Physical activity stimulates intellectual activity and removes negativity. In addition, there are exercises to train creativity.