Let’s dream up. What technologies could be introduced into school education in the coming years?
VR technology
Someday you can just put on your glasses and find yourself in a virtual classroom with a virtual teacher and virtual classmates from anywhere.
VR in class
And you can also visit virtual zoos in biology lessons or the Louvre at an Art lesson in Moscow
Electronic teacher on smartphone
Will the classroom teacher ever be replaced by artificial intelligence? Perhaps, but it is not clear who in this case will monitor the discipline in the class)
Professional and business meetings
The opportunity to talk to a real artist in an art class or with the creator of the best online cinema in Russia in a personal growth lesson, or maybe a leading journalist or a top actor – this has already been implemented in @MCS_British_School – such meetings take place 1-2 times a month
Online and Offline
Last year, the world already tried out the online learning system, and many schools have kept it to this day. In the near future, there will most likely be a combination of the two systems