Truth or dare. A cool game to play when you meet up with friends in the summer or live on Instagram.
Easy rules: the player is asked a question, and he decides whether to answer it honestly or not answer at all, but then he will have to perform some action.
If you want to develop your speaking skills, as well as learn something new about your friends, this game is for you. And come up with questions or actions in English!
❓Questions can be, for example:
➖Who is your favourite / least favourite teacher?
➖Have you ever cheated on your parents?
➖If you had 1 minute to quickly leave the house, what would you take with you?
➖Do you apologize after an argument?
➖Have you ever broken something without telling anyone about it?
➖What would you change in your life?
❗️And actions can be:
➖Open the window and shout: “Happy New Year!”, even if it’s summer
➖Do 10 push-ups
➖Brush your teeth in front of everyone
➖Eat a spoonful of hot sauce
➖Sing a song
➖Make some crazy makeup
➖Send a message using only your nose